I love The great outdoors! From the beaches to the forests, flowers to the seashells, Wayward Magnolia was founded with the Pacific Northwest at heart to encapsulate the beauty that surrounds us. Since I was a little girl, my father was always working with his hands and I inherited his love for creating, tinkering, and designing. The term ‘Wayward’ wasn’t just a word that I pulled out of a hat; I have always found myself drawn to the path less traveled on. Even when I got an accounting degree, I held on to my entrepreneurial spirit but wanted to travel a path that I could call my own, while focusing on the things that I love to do! Nothing puts a smile on my face like finding the perfect shell, the perfect flower, or the perfect pattern that I know people will appreciate as much as I do in their home. Whether it is breathing new life into discarded objects, encapsulating the beauty

of our surroundings, or just creating something that is pretty, I will always follow my heart and passion along my own path.


About ME

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